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Channel-Switching in Above-Threshold Ionization of Xenon
V. Schyja, T. Lang and H. Helm
Department of Molecular and Optical Physics, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Hermann-Herder-Strasse 3, D-79104  Freiburg, Germany


The intensity dependence of the angular and energy distributions of photoelectrons is used to map the effect of channel closing in short-pulse, multiphoton ionization of xenon. At 800 nm, we observe the nine-photon channel to close at ~ 3 x 1013 W/cm2 and the dominant ionization path to switch from (8+1)-photon resonant ionization via f-type Rydberg states to (9+1)-photon resonant ionization via g-type Rydberg states. Very low-energy electrons are observed prior to reaching the channel closing intensity, indicative of a contribution of nonresonant ionization. ©1998 The American Physical Society

©1998 Physical Review A 57, 3692 (1998)

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.57.3692
PACS: 32.80.Rm, 33.80.Rv, 42.50.Hz

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